Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learning How To Tell a Good Story

I met with my new mentor. She asked me what my goal was, as a writer. 

Doh! Stumped by my own fear!? 'Cause I know what I want. 

I want my books to be good stories well told. I want my books made into movies. I want my books published by one of the big guns. Which one? They'll be fighting over me. 

Nearing the Big Six 0 - Yes, that's my age - it's about time I give this dream of mine serious attention, doncha think?

So I have homework:
  1. Read the book Save the Cat
  2. Research books like mine and read them.
  3. Go to the next Nightwriters' meeting. 
Right away I buy the book and, feeling like a little mess, I message her a photo. She texts back That's not the right one in the series. Get the first one.

Like the Karate Kid, that whole wax on, wax off thing? What a hard ass! And then I smile because that is exactly what I need. I'll take the book back and I'll buy the right book. The next Nightwriters meeting will find me notebook open, pen in hand, ready to learn. 

Concerning #2, though, I'm not quite sure how to tell if a book is like mine. I've ordered Easy by Tammara Webber and Amy and Roger's Epic Tour by Morgan Matson. I'll read those and keep looking until I find a successful book similar to Justine. Any help is most welcome.

I'll end with a personal note to one dear reader who suggested I write more about the love interest. I'm hearing you! 

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